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Computis_Raison_Sociale_v19.pngCOMPUTIS offers a comprehensive suite of enterprise solutions and professional services to accelerate your Organization's IT transformation. Our Partners can select from a full spectrum of service options and best-of-breed solutions, available through our extensive ecosystem of partners. Now, organizations can obtain the expertise they need – at any phase of their journey – to transform their infrastructure, lower their costs, and achieve greater flexibility and agility.

COMPUTIS's professional services leverage the combined expertise of ecosystem technology experts. We have members who have reached 40+ years in information and technology management. We have enormous resources on many areas; however we have strategically targeted specific areas where COMPUTIS remains very competitive and almost unbeatable.

COMPUTIS remains committed to providing systems that transform Information Technology to deliver greater business value. COMPUTIS refuses to be an exclusive retailer for any brand. We design and provide strategic solutions that fit the needs and budget of our partners. Although we have preference for some brands like ORACLE, MICROSOFT, VMWARE, IBM, CISCO, DELL, and HP among others, we are also proud to mention that COMPUTIS has been a valuable contributor in several projects in the open source community. We believe that OPEN SOURCE products remain an asset for third world country like Haiti.


Organizations -all types- rely on Information Technology to enable processes to flow smoothly and to provide authorized access to critical information. To deliver value to the business, IT needs an infrastructure that is flexible, scalable, reliable, secure, and cost-effective. Yet, most multi-vendor technology infrastructures have become complex, costly and difficult to deploy, manage and support. And few offer the scalability and flexibility the business requires.

You may have already started a project, regardless the  status of your project, now iis the time  to make an important decision: contact us. Thus we may provide you with the necessary tools to drive your company based on proven techniques. Because  we value your business, we can: Improve business agility and deliver a better user experience through user-friendly systems; Accelerate system ROI and service delivery with next-generation data center services; Improve workplace productivity through efficient, reliable workflow management and collaboration systems; Stay ahead of security challenges by proactively safeguarding information; Meet priorities faster with high-performance application services.

Data center and Virtualization: A data center is a dedicated space where companies can keep and operate most of the Information and Communication Technology infrastructure that supports their business. This would be the servers and storage equipment that run application software and process and store data and content. For some companies this might be a simple cage or rack of equipment, for others it could be a room housing a few or many cabinets, depending on the scale of their operation. In this field, you can count on COMPUTIS's unfaltering  expertise in: Integration Strategy; Implementation road map; Server hardware/Software Selection and Configuration; Storage Area Network (SAN);Virtualization and cloud computing.

Information Management: Although it sounds like a very big tent concept, Information management is indeed COMPUTIS's strongest suit. The sum of our experience in this field speaks for itself. No company of that size can even come close to this amount of experience. Some of us have been there when COBOL programs were written on coding forms and then punched on to punch cards, yet we remain on top of the Information management technological advancement. In this field, you can count on COMPUTIS's unrestrained expertise in: Enterprise management and Financial Systems; Data warehouse and business intelligence; Big data and data mining; E-governance.

Strategic planning: Before implementing a new technology, it is important to consider how it will affect each level of your organization. COMPUTIS can advise you on how to define, implement and manage a sustainable IT plan. This plan also includes a comprehensive governance structure that drives your organization's strategic mission, financial performance and ability to get most profitable return on investment and to keep up with you the resulting growth. In this field, you can count on COMPUTIS's  expertise in: Strategic Planning; E-governance Solution; Developing and Writing Grant Proposals; Project implementation and management.